Please tell us who you are and what you do:

My name is Grant Woods and I am a wildlife biologist.

What led you to your career?

As a six year old I found a dead deer on my family farm when I was checking my trap line.  My father and I skinned the deer and preserved the pelt.  Since that time I have never wanted to be anything else but a wildlife biologist.

What would your recommendations be to others who wanted to do something similar?

Make sure you have passion for biology and management and not just for hunting. Pursue your education at the best university you can afford that also specializes in the portion of wildlife management you feel led to pursue.

Any other information you’d like to impart to the next generation of deer hunters, managers and conservationists?

Make sure you have hands on experience and the ability to communicate those experiences because they are among the best tools a wildlife biologist can have.

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